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Who We Are

MEVA is a grassroots organization, founded by Michigander's looking to better their community and the world. When we overlaid our diverse experiences in healthcare, automotive, and community organization, we found that electric vehicles can solve problems that Michigan faces on many fronts. MEVA is our way to try and push for a better world, and if you want, it can be yours too!

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Meet The Team

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Amy Rogghe - Executive Director

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Amy is a native Detroiter and recent transplant to Grand Rapids.  Growing up in the Detroit area, she was surrounded by the auto industry and can trace her roots back to family members who worked at the Packard Plant.  Still to this day, much of her family is employed by the auto industry and its supportive businesses. 

Amy has a passion for both climate change mitigation and how Michigan can be a leader both nationally and internationally in the electrification of vehicles for a greener future.  Being a Physician Assistant, she’s also dedicated to working towards a cleaner environment to minimize the detrimental health affects of climate change on her patients.   

On any given day, you’d probably find Amy out hiking, snow shoeing or running with her two furry Siberian Huskies, enjoying all of nature’s beauty.  She sees herself as a realistic tree hugging climate nut!

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Melody Harvey - Media and Communications Director

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Melody is a public relations and corporate communications graduate of SNHU. She is currently studying to receive her master’s degree in the same field of PR&CC at Georgetown University. When Melody is not working or spending time with her husband and three sons, she volunteers her time with Auto Club Group’s Employee Resource Groups for Women in Leadership, African American, Native American, Hispanic and Emerging Professionals. Melody is MEVA's Communications Director and is on the board of directors, where she advocates for the group’s goals, recruits support by individual Michiganders and other climate change organizations, and tables events across the southern Michigan region.


Elliot Busta - Website Manager

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Elliot is a battery systems engineer who has worked in automotive for the past 6 years, and he is passionate about mitigating climate change and improving lives through technology. His current work is designing new batteries and applications for them. With work and passion combined, applying his skills to help MEVA's mission was a no-brainer!


Elliot grew up in St. Cloud, MN, but currently lives in Ann Arbor, MI. He loves mountain biking, hiking, sailing, and cooking. If you live in the area (or are passing through) and want to grab a beer, look him up on LinkedIn!

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Bill Knapp - Member

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Bill first became aware of the eminent dangers to our environment on the first Earth Day in 1970. His activism kicked in, and was fueled throughout the growing environmental movement by the songs and soundtracks from Marvin Gaye’s “Mercy Mercy Me” to Spirit’s “Nature’s Way.” Today, Bill is a Climate Reality Leader and is honored to be on the amazing team of other environmental stewards with Michigan Electric Vehicle Alliance.

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Stephen Lipshaw - Media Specialist

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Stephen grew up in Metro Detroit and studied Applied Engineering Sciences at Michigan State University. He was involved with the Spartan Sierra Club until he graduated, and then became a member of the Sierra Club’s Southeast Michigan Group. In April 2021 Stephen was trained as a Climate Change Leader through the Climate Reality Project which is where he met Amy and Bill.


He’s worked in the automotive industry for over two years and felt helping start MEVA was the perfect opportunity to combine his environmentalism with his automotive experience. Stephen is passionate about protecting the planet for future generations and about advancing the circular economy within the automotive industry.


He loves to play basketball, go hiking, spend time in a hammock, and support the Michigan State Spartans!

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