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MEVA Meeting with Senator Irsin

MEVA will be meeting tomorrow (10/20) with Senator Jeff Irwin to discuss the 2030 Clean Cars Campaign. We're hoping to get Senator Irwin on board with the electrifying future! Senator Irwin represents the Ann Arbor area.



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It's National Drive Electric Week!

Take your EV's out for a spin - It's National Drive Electric Week! MEVA is attending an event in Muskegon, MI to celebrate. It will be held at the Muskegon Farmer's market, and would be a great chance to check out the various EV's on the market if you're looking for one. Frunks are IN.


MI Clean Cars 2030 Press Conference

MEVA held a press conference on 9/22, spreading awareness of its goals, and was able to reach a huge audience! Links to all of the news outlets that picked up the story are here: Yahoo! News, WLUC (NBC), WXMI-GR (FOX), WJBK-TV, WXYZ-TV, WMYD-TV, 101.9 WDET, 89.1 WEMU, Michigan Radio



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EV Blog

Over the weekend at one of our events, MEVA met a local EV enthusiast - Daniel Schroeder! Daniel has been upkeeping a blog about his travels in his Kia Niro. He has extensive information about charging locations and the ease of driving an EV in Michigan. You can learn more here:


MEVA Events

MEVA is coming to an event near you! That is, if you live in Saline, Lansing, or Detroit. We will be attending Saline Summerfest, Lansing Pride, and Woodward Dream Cruise on 8/12, 8/13, and 8/20, respectively. If you're in the area, we'd love for you to stop and have a chat!



MEC Membership


MEVA is now a member of the Michigan Environmental Council, or MEC! MEC combines deep environmental policy expertise with close connections to key state and federal decision-makers, decades of experience getting things done in the political process, and an ability to rally broad and powerful alliances in support of reforms. You can learn more about MEC at


MEVA Meeting

MEVA met today to discuss various goals and events we attended over the past 2 weeks. The events attended were the A2 Green Fair in Ann Arbor and Rock the Block (by LINCUP) in Grand Rapids. We met a lot of people interested in EV's, and gained a new member - Dee Jones! Welcome Dee!

We will post here about events we intend to attend, as well as on our social media.




Bi-Directional Charging

There are a lot of benefits to EV's, but one that might slip under the radar is the ability to use them for bi-directional charging. This can enable an EV owner to make money, save money, and become more energy self sufficient. Learn more here!


Op-Ed Highlight

Another op-ed was recently published in the Holland Sentinel highlighting support in Michigan for electric vehicles. This is a great review of facts behind electric vehicles, as well as why MEVA's goals are important. Thanks Richard for your efforts here!

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MEVA Social Media

MEVA is live on social media! We have launched our Facebook and Twitter accounts, and are sharing more info about ourselves and EV events through them. You can find them here and here. LinkedIn is coming soon, so keep an eye out!


Op-Ed Highlight

A great op-ed on the importance of electric vehicles was published in the Holland Sentinel on 12/29/21. Click here to view it. While we're a bit behind on the original posting, it never hurts to have an article like this re-posted for those who may have missed. Change is coming, and Michigan can lead that charge! 



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MEVA Meeting

MEVA met on 12/01/21 for our bi-weekly meeting. In the meeting, we reviewed our recently recruited member organizations, as well as plans to help bring more individual members on board. Thanks to MiCCA, GRCC, GRCA, MI Air MI Health, and Michigan Clean Bus and Truck Initiative for joining us! We look forward to working together to keep Michigan strong and at the forefront of the EV movement.


MEVA Meeting

On 11/09/21, we had our bi-weekly meeting. We discussed recruitment, reach-out to other organizations, and the refinement of our mission statement. We also reviewed  MEVA's discussions with Representative LaGrand's staffers. Rep. LaGrand is pushing for increased charging infrastructure in MI, a critical piece of making EV's available to everyone. In addition, the passage of the federal infrastructure bill opens up massive opportunity for investment in EV infrastructure. We are working on ideas to capitalize on this for Michigan!

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Meeting with Gretchen Whitmer's Staffers

On 10/27/21, we got the opportunity to meet with Gov. Whitmer's staffers to discuss MEVA's goals and push them forward at a state level. Governor Whitmer is launching a new program soon called "Charge Up MI Fleet", which is a good public sector corollary to our goals in the private sector.



We're looking for help! In particular, we're trying to grow our social media presence and add more detailed research to our website and presentation slides. If you think you fit either bill (or have skills we've missed!), please reach out!

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